9 people showed up for Queens' M2 on the 16th of November. One went to King's College London. One hadn't rowed in 6 months. One rowed earlier that day. Despite this extremely scratch crew, confidence grew as M2 rowed up to the start line. A burst on the reach hit 1.34 on the split - pretty spicy - so M2 were emboldened that things might go well.

And they did. Within a few hundred metres it became clear that the main thing between Queens' and greatness was an LSE 8 determined to hit the racing line. Despite being forced wide around Ditton and into the unfavourable stream on the reach, Queens' pushed until they heard that most magical call 'BOW BALL' as they came under the Railway Bridge, and stretched out a lead over LSE, finishing strongly and taking 5th in the category, with their final time being closer to 1st than to 6th.