An incredible week. So many races that can never be done justice by a line and a colour on a chart. Both our first boat coxes demonstrated the fine art of the arm in the water hand-brake turn around Grassy. It left FAT with overlap on M1 on day 1 but they kept their cool in the middle of a very tight sandwich and got the bump up on LMBC to take and hold 3rd on the river. W1 found the maximum of the confusion and carnage for the week and rowed 5 races. The 2 row overs that made the chart are testament to the pure rage that allows you to be overlapped by half a boat length coming out of Ditton and make it to Peter’s Post. M2 won their blades in fine style. One of the best steering coxes on the river and they only went around First Post corner once. W2 made a storming return to the River, having not raced last Lents and were very unlucky to be only up 3 after the blading crew 2 in front crabbed on the last day. Thank you so much to everyone who has coached, subbed and coxed this term or umpired and marshalled during the regatta.