Crew: Will (cox), Hugh (stroke), Noah, Igor, Jakub, Sam, Matt, Marco, Alex (bow) 

Coaches: Rob Jeffrey and Paul Knights

In perfect conditions, M1 set off in the venerable Robin Walker as the 4th boat of the day. Despite a scrappy start, a strong rhythm set by stern pair meant that the crew soon settled into a solid pace. This pace was kept up throughout the whole course which lead to a well-executed overtake of the Royal Veterinary college crew under the Railway Bridge. With a strong finish and the rate hitting the mid-30s as Queens’ came across the line, the crew was happy with the performance.

A chunky row from Queen’s meant that M1 was 6th out of 22 in their division with a time of 8:50. This was ~10 seconds faster than Jesus M1 and Christ’s M1 and was 14 seconds off FaT, who were the fastest college M1.