Cox – Iona Pickett; S – Charles Jameson; 7 – Varun Randury; 6 – Soma Hansel; 5 – Peter Manshausen; 4 – Stephen Carter; 3 – Haeram Jalees; 2 – Lex van der Stoep; Bow – Matthew Wadsworth; Coaches – Rob Jeffrey, Paul Knights

M2 went off the start exactly as practiced, rate 34, and began to lengthen out. They had to get comfortable early, given the distance and the fact that they hadn't done a piece that long before the race. They attacked the first half with heads switched on and heard splits drop with each stroke as they were helped by a tailwind. On the Reach they were met with some strong crosswinds against which they sat tall. Iona took the corners adeptly with her experience of the course and we managed to maintain pace and power even when turning. On the final sprint home Iona asked M2 'how low can you go?!', and they ramped up the pressure and rate, hitting a glorious 1:36 split despite the fact that they had been going close to max pressure for a constant 15 minutes beforehand.

M2 won their division by a comfortable 16 seconds and were the 13th fastest college crew out of 31. They beat 5 other M2’s and 10 M1’s including St Catherine’s & Sidney Sussex.