Crew: Stephen Carter (cox), Noah Milton (stroke), Igor Yakuin (3), Sam Amey (2), Alexander Miscampbell (bow)

With a strong crew coming into the week of University 4’s, spirits were running high in the bucket rigged Pugh.  Sadly, a last minute injury to the stroke (James) meant that super sub Noah had to step in to rescue the crew from having to scratch.

A fast start from Homerton meant that they had gained a length within the first minute, although by First Post Queens’ had fought back to be on station.

Unfortunately, the power of the bucket proved too strong round Grassy and a timely full stop was required to avoid a race ending crash. Queens’ recovered quickly from this mishap and put in a strong performance past the Plough. Going down the Long Reach the crew winded the rate up to 34 and moved away from Homerton.

The final verdict was a Queens’ victory over Homerton with a margin of 13 seconds. 

After a strong performance in the first round, Queens’ M1 were looking for a win against a strong Magdalene crew two days later.

A fast start from Queens’ meant that we remained on station down First Post Reach. Unfortunately a strong headwind in the Gut knocked Queens’ out of our solid rhythm and Magdalene moved away. A tight line round Grassy and down Plough Reach minimised a push from Magdalene.   

Despite battling the headwind down the Reach and having a strong finish, Magdalene lengthened their lead and the final result was a clear Magdalene victory. (Due to an error in the location of the finishes, no margin was given.)

The crew looking surprisingly happy post-race against Homerton M1.