Pembroke Regatta was W2’s first race of Lent term. Having had quite a steep improvement curve in previous outings, we were confident in our abilities to succeed.


After a solid row down to the marshalling area, and a subsequent good practice start, our first race was against Sidney Sussex W2. We sat off head-to-head, but easily left them behind after a couple of strokes and won the race with no problem.

Next, we raced against Caius W2. Knowing that their club is quite serious on training we were a bit more aware of the challenge than in the previous round. However, once again we were able to leave them behind with a great start and a great rhythm, giving our everything.

In the semi-finals Downing W2 was our enemy. Although we were already fairly tired by this time, we gave another huge push, reaching an 500m split of 2:05. Unfortunately, Downing was able to beat us, but we didn’t let them win easily as we were right by their bow for the whole race.

Altogether, all of W2 is very proud of our performance on the race and we are looking forward to future successes together.