C: Joseph Hearn

S: Philippe Frieden

7: Haeram Jalees

6: Benjamin Stickney Morrison

5: Thomas Holmes

4: Shonak Joshi

3: Jia Wei Kho

2: Hippolyte Verdier

B: Nic Bryant

It had been a tricky term for Queens’ NM3, with many crew changes in the last few weeks meaning that the race was going to be the first time all nine had been in the same boat. Nevertheless, the boys set out with clear heads, ready to give it everything they had. The boys set off slower than they would have liked, catching a crab over the start line but quickly recovered and picked up the pace. They fought against the high winds, with Joe smoothly navigating the winding course through town. Throughout the race the boys’ power increased, and they pushed through under the green dragon bridge towards a strong finish. Out of the 8 college third boats to enter they came 5th, and even managed to beat 6 second boats – overall an impressive result for Queens’ NM3.