Crew list - Cox: Lydia Farnham Stroke: Charles Jameson 7: Niklas Schmitz 6: Douglas van Niekerk 5: Nicholas Frederick Budenberg 4: Rusheel Somaiya 3: Rohan Mudumba 2: Daniel de Lisle Bow: Ilyaz Sayenko

Had a good first race and was neck and neck with Catz up until halfway at which point there was a nasty clash of baldes. Unfortunately Catz came off better from this and the Queens’ boat ended up being forced into the bank following this, which resulted in a win for Catz.

Here Queens’ NM1 can be seen handily beating Robinson NM1 by roughly 5 lengths as they approach the finish line of their second Emma Sprints race. Queens’ led from the start and despite a couple of crabs finished in a time of 2:08 (against the stream).