Rowed Over

Having rowed over for the first 2 days of Bumps, W2 were hungry for some bumping action on Corpus on day 3. After a good warm up row to the lock with our bows on Maggie W2’s stern (the sandwich boat who would be chasing us) the whole way, we felt hopeful that we could catch Corpus W1 ahead.

Our start was the strongest and neatest yet, winding to around rate 43 then striding out gradually to rate 38 before eventually settling to around rate 36. Our rhythm was good but Corpus’ must have been too since we never managed to gain on them. We ended the race with a row over around 2 lengths behind Corpus, and Maggie far far behind us.

It was great to have so much support on the banks so W2 are very excited for the final day of Bumps. A change of tactics is planned in our last attempt to get some well-earned greenery!