[caption id=”attachment_1393” align=”aligncenter” width=”805”] W1 by the Tideway[/caption]

Crew: Michael Hope (cox) Becky Hartwell (stroke) Charlotte Harrop Marilou Boddé Anna Te Water Naudé Geertje van Rees Ulrika Andersson Billie Meadowcroft Vivi Russell

11 March 2017

This weekend saw Queens' W1 taking to the tideway for the 6.8 km of WEHoRR. Despite only having a week of training in a new lineup, they hit a solid rhythm straight off the start and left Caius, starting behind them, in the dust. They then held that rhythm for the whole 20 minutes keeping it tidy and efficient. They pushed through two gritty overtakes, the last in the final 1 km to finish 109th of over 300 crews, 6th of Cambridge colleges beating Catz, Christ's and Newnham. They finished only 5.6s behind Lady Margaret as the 2nd Cambridge college. It was a fantastic experience for the crew, for most of whom it was their first experience of the tideway, and a result to be proud of. Looking strong for Mays! Another notable result from the day saw Queens' alumna Georgia Vann (2011) win the provincial pennant with Cantabrigian RC, finishing 14th.

M. Hope