[caption id=”attachment_1377” align=”aligncenter” width=”396”] Shiny medals well deserved[/caption]

Newnham Short Course was the first race of term for W1 to see how they compared with the other colleges. Despite having done little rate work yet this term, we wound up to 34 off the start and held a solid rate 31 for the whole race. The girls gave excellent commitment to the race, and whatever the result we were proud of our row. When the results were first published, we were placed 4th behind Jesus W2, followed by Christ's (with their coach rowing in the crew) and Caius. These are three good colleges and we were very pleased with the result - but wait, there had been some mistake and the results were taken down. We waited on tenterhooks (or actually didn't notice in the most part), and when the results were republished we had won! Fastest W1 crew on the river, in 7:57 for 2km. Somewhat taken by surprise by the new results, and very happy, we can look back at a good day of rowing.

M. Hope