Bumped by Downing W2 before first post corner

After a disappointing race on Tuesday, and race cancellations on Friday, W2 were determined to end Lent Bumps on a high. Chasing Jesus W3 and being chased by Downing W2, and in improved weather conditions, the team felt fairly confident to begin with. Being stationed under the bridge for the first time, the volume of the cannon took the crew by surprise. Though our previous race starts had been strong, there was a serious crab on the 3rd stroke of the start sequence meaning that a powerhouse pair had to drop out. The crab wasn’t resolved until 15 strokes in. Despite this, W2 gained half a length on Jesus W3, and the power calls from cox were met well by the crew. Nevertheless, timing was a bit off and starting effectively with 6 rowers meant that Downing W2 were able to rapidly gain on W2, concluding in a bump before first post corner.