Result: bumped (right before motorway bridge)

Amazing efforts by colleges and CUCBC  meant that the towpath was clear and bumps could carry on. Queens’ M3 had a good row up, the boat was sat and the crew was calm. We were ready to finally have a proper race, after not being able to finish a single race the whole campaign.

Our plan was simple, hold Caius off for as long as possible, maybe long enough to bump King’s. Ready to give our best efforts for our last race, we rowed up to the starting position with several good bursts along the way.

Our start wasn’t the best, tearing the water and splashing into the boat. Just as we were going around the first corner, disaster struck  and our stroke man caught a crab in the first minute. Caius quickly closed the gap and the rest is history. The crew was disappointed and M3 ended the week with a bump.