Start of Term Update

After enjoying a Christmas break and a lot of the Queens’ squad heading off for a week skiing the rowers returned to the Cam in preparation for Lent Term.  After a hard week of training the boats were selected giving five men’s and three women’s crews all raring to get training for bumps.

The first race of term was yesterday where M1, W1, M2 and M3 got to put an early marker at the start of term.  The lack of time in the boat was felt across the board but encouraging results were got and the crews now have four weeks to try and gain as much time as possible before bumps

Queens’ Ergs

Congratulations to all novices and seniors who came and competed at the annual Queens’ Ergs Competition Last Night.

The winning crews were:

Fastest 1st Men’s Novice Boat – Jesus NM1
Fastest 2nd Men’s Noivice Boat – Trinity Hall NM2

Fastest 1st Women’s Boat – Jesus NW1
Fastest 2nd Women’s Boat – Clare NW2

Fastest Senior Crew – Caius Boat Club

Full results will be posted on the QErgs website in the near future:
QErgs Website
while in the mean time results are all posted on the QErgs Facebook page:
QErgs Facebook
along with photos from the event.

A big thank you needs to be given to Ben and Rob the QErgs Presidents this year who without their effort over the last weeks and months the event would be not run anywhere near as smoothly as it did.

We look forward to welcoming everyone back next year

The event is kindly sponsored by UBS to find out more about their Graduate opportunities please visit

View from the Balcony

Novice Rowing

QCBC would like to welcome all new novice rowers that turned up at the squash today.

For those that were unavailable to attend and would still like to turn up please email either the men’s LBC’s:

  • Jack Amey (jaa53)
  • Jack Robinson (jr556)
  • Tayo Moore (tm453)

or the women’s LBC’s:

  • Louis Baker (leb56)
  • Rachel Salter (rs700)
  • Anne Te Water Naude (akt37)

To be given the details of signing up to come down to novice sessions.  For those who would like to give coxing a try email:

  • Anisha Mistry (ahm40)

To organise learning to cox.

Hopefully will see lots of you on the river soon


May Bumps 2013

9 boats on the river, including a W4, in what we think is a first for Queens’.

It was an astonishing first day with 7 out of 9 crews bumping up and only one crew being bumped. The men’s lower boats kept the bumping theme up throughout the week with both M2 and M4 flying the Boar on Saturday as they won their blades. Unlike their Lent’s campaign, M2 had some longer races and rowed very well to win their 4th set of blades of the year. Having had a crash on First Post cost them a Lent’s race, M4 were taking no chances and dispatched all 4 crews with a blistering start sequence, avoiding the corners entirely.

M3 and M5 both had a single row over. M3 on Saturday, having been on for blades, and were understandably disappointed. M5 on Thursday were as delighted as a crew escaping their spoons on Saturday, which was a real concern for a very inexperienced crew.

As is becoming traditional for Queens’ in the Mays, M1 held level. Just for variety, they go caught up with the magically accelerating Pembroke crew and were up one and down one.

The women squad had a very good week. W1 couldn’t hold off a fast LMBC crew but otherwise rowed over strongly at 11th on the river. The Lent’s fury bubbled gently when they found themselves in front of Catz again but the progress they had made in the term was plain to see, as they rowed over a long way ahead. With only one person in the crew having raced bumps before, W4 decided to sample bumps fully – bumped up, rowed over, got bumped, overbumped up. W3 fought hard in some long races to finish down 1. W2 capped off a good terms training with a well deserved up 2 to leave them placed to push for a spot in the 2nd division next Mays.

Thank you to everyone who coached, coxed or umpired for QCBC.


QCBC May Bumps Garden Party

Queens’ College Boat Club are inviting rowers, alumni, parents and friends to join us at our May Bumps Garden Party on the afternoon of Saturday 15th June 2013, the final day of May Bumps. Following the success of last year’s event, we will once again be serving a selection of food and drink all afternoon at our prime riverside location on First Post Corner – the perfect place to watch QCBC get some bumps on the most prestigious day of the college rowing calendar.

Tickets are available for purchase at £25 each for adults, £10 for children, and £5 for parking on site.  We will provide a selection of food, Pimm’s, Gin and Tonic’s, and other soft drinks, plus a great view of the racing on the river.  Any profits raised from the event will go towards funds to support the club. Saturday’s races commence at 11am, and the day will conclude with the 1st Men’s division at 5.45pm.

For tickets and more information please contact our Alumni Secretary, Charlie Drury, on charlied250 _at_

 Bring on the bumps!

Seat sponsorship scheme

QCBC runs a seat sponsorship scheme in which we ask previous members of the club to donate annually to the New Boat Fund by sponsoring a seat in one of our boats.
There are currently seats available at different price levels. In return you will have your name placed on the respective boat and our website. Seat sponsors are entitled to complimentary tickets to the Pimm’s Tent on the final day of May Bumps each year.
For more information and the giving forms, please see this page.

As always a huge thank you on behalf of all the current members of QCBC to all alumni currently giving. Your money was used last year to purchase a new Womens First VIII named ‘The Duchess of Cambridge’, and we hope to raise sufficient funds to purchase a new lightweight racing IV this summer to enable the club to compete more competitively in Fours Head of the River and the University IV’s races this Autumn. Donations from alumni are also used to allow our top crews to race off-cam in London, Bedford and Henley each year, and to subsidize our off-cam training camp in a few weeks to Norwich.

We always like to hear from previous members of the club. This year the Pimm’s Tent is on Saturday 15th June and we are encouraging as many members to gather old crews together to come back and support all the current QCBC crews racing. More details to apply for tickets will be posted in due course.

Lent Bumps

An incredible week. So many races that can never be done justice by a line and a colour on a chart. Both our first boat coxes demonstrated the fine art of the arm in the water hand-brake turn around Grassy. It left FAT with overlap on M1 on day 1 but they kept their cool in the middle of a very tight sandwich and got the bump up on LMBC to take and hold 3rd on the river. W1 found the maximum of the confusion and carnage for the week and rowed 5 races. The 2 row overs that made the chart are testament to the pure rage that allows you to be overlapped by half a boat length coming out of Ditton and make it to Peter’s Post. M2 won their blades in fine style. One of the best steering coxes on the river and they only went around First Post corner once. W2 made a storming return to the River, having not raced last Lents and were very unlucky to be only up 3 after the blading crew 2 in front crabbed on the last day.

Thank you so much to everyone who has coached, subbed and coxed this term or umpired and marshalled during the regatta.

And a video of that Queens’ W1 Day 3 Lent Bumps 2013 row over


Lent Term ’13 – Races so far…

Well done to all the crews racing for QCBC this term and thank you to the coaches, coxes and bank parties who make it possible.

Race results so far this term:

Winter Head to Head
M1 – 3rd in M1 division in a total time of 13:25
W1 – 10th in W1 disivion in a total time of 17:18

Newnham Short Course
M2 – 4th in M2 division in a time of 7:33
W2 – 7th in W2 division in 9:25
M3/4 composite – 7th in M3 division in 8:37

Robinson Head
W2 – 3rd in W2 division in 6:26
M3-6 composite – 2nd in M3 division in 5:46

Bedford 4s and 8s Head
M1 – 4th in IM2 in 6:30, 3rd in IM3 in 6:22
W1 – 12th in IM3 in 7:57, 1st in Novice in 7:44
M2 – 9th in IM3 in 6:55, 4th in Novice in 6:48

Pembroke regatta
M1: beat Magdalene M1 by 1 1/2 lengths and Hughes Hall M1 by 2 lengths, then lost the semi-final to Caius, who won overall, by 1 length
W2: lost to Jesus W2
W3: beat Emma W3 by 1/4 length then lost to Clare Hall W1
M4: beat FAT M6 by 4 length then lost to Magdalene M3 by 1 length

Well done everyone who raced and thank you to subs, bank parties and coaches.

Some (hopefully eventually all) the crews have written about their races on this page.

Bring on the bumps!

Michealmas 2012 in a few words

11 novice boats. 5 senior boats. Biggest club on the river; which was amazing apart from that Thursday eight eights went out at the same time, which was just stressful. Selling out the Boat Club Bar Crawl, Fireworks and Fairbairns Cocktails was straightforward. All went very well. Our huge club made friends and gained a little bit of money.

The senior squad was extensive. For the first time in 4 years, Michealmas Senior W2 existed. As a four admittedly but a dedicated and lovely four, who trained hard and deserved their 7th place in Fairbairns. They give us great hope for a return of Queens’ W2 to the river in Lents. M1 spent their term in a royal battle with King’s to be the fastest crew on the river. Knocked out of Uni Fours by King’s, who won it; they won Winter Head; then the crews diplomatically tied for the Fairbairns title. W1 started the year with 1 rower returning from the May’s boat and a completely new coaching team. They improved massively to 10th place in Fairbairns. Also on the meteoric rise were M2, who gained about 5 places every race to become the fastest M2 in Fairbairns. The committee affectionately dubbed M3 the less senior seniors at the beginning of term and then they got organised and much better at rowing and made their nickname seem a little rude.

It was wonderful to welcome so many novices to the squad and we have seen a great deal of potential on the water. A huge thank you to the LBCs and other novice coaches for the thousands of emails, endless early alarms, face paint, spare kit etc. Thank you also to the novice coxes; you didn’t wreck any of our equipment. The least destructive novice term in years. Novices, please all come back next term and we’ll teach you to win races; which it must be confessed we didn’t quite get round to.

Apart from the LBCs, we didn’t spend all term in the boathouse.

The Memorial Charity Erg at the beginning of term was a moving event, which raised a grand total of £1857.16 for WWF.

Every college entered Queens’ Ergs. It was a huge event and very successful. The technology worked more smoothly than ever before. The t-shirts are still all over the place on the river and will be helping us all stalk the other Lents crews and work out where the novices have gone into other club’s squads.

Bring on the bumps.

Rowing at Queens' College, Cambridge