Result: bumped by Pembroke M2 in The Gut

Queens’ gathered in the coaching room before pushing off to watch a video from one year ago today – QM2 being closed in on by Sidney M1 to within a canvas outside the Plough, and then walking away and leaving them trailing by 10 lengths by the finish. The aim was to show that it could be done. That – should Pembroke close in on us – we could walk away.

In the boat on the row up and then on to marshalling at the start, this video was in the forefront of our minds.  The aim was simple – row over, and not let Pembroke catch us.

We started strong. Unfortunately, Pembroke started stronger. Pembroke gained on us right away, and while we held them off for a few minutes and made several valiant pushes where it looked like we might just about get away, they eventually closed and Queens’ conceded the bump in the Gut, finishing the week a disappointing minus 3.