Well done to all the crews racing for QCBC this term and thank you to the coaches, coxes and bank parties who make it possible.

Race results so far this term:

Winter Head to Head M1 - 3rd in M1 division in a total time of 13:25 W1 - 10th in W1 disivion in a total time of 17:18

Newnham Short Course M2 - 4th in M2 division in a time of 7:33 W2 - 7th in W2 division in 9:25 M3/4 composite - 7th in M3 division in 8:37

Robinson Head W2 - 3rd in W2 division in 6:26 M3-6 composite - 2nd in M3 division in 5:46

Bedford 4s and 8s Head M1 - 4th in IM2 in 6:30, 3rd in IM3 in 6:22 W1 - 12th in IM3 in 7:57, 1st in Novice in 7:44 M2 - 9th in IM3 in 6:55, 4th in Novice in 6:48

Pembroke regatta M1: beat Magdalene M1 by 1 1/2 lengths and Hughes Hall M1 by 2 lengths, then lost the semi-final to Caius, who won overall, by 1 length W2: lost to Jesus W2 W3: beat Emma W3 by 1/4 length then lost to Clare Hall W1 M4: beat FAT M6 by 4 length then lost to Magdalene M3 by 1 length

Well done everyone who raced and thank you to subs, bank parties and coaches.

Some (hopefully eventually all) the crews have written about their races on this page.

Bring on the bumps!