Cox - James Zimaras, S - Noah Milton, 7 - Marco Muttoni, 6 - Daniel Germon, 5 - Kit Gallagher, 4 - Alex Ander, 3 - Sam Amey, 2 - Alexander Miscampbell, B - Hugh Selway. Coach - Rob 

With last years split in mind, the crew was set on proving that ‘lightweight’ does not mean slow. After a cold start, we soon settled into our rhythm, cruising through town focussing on that low split and remembering the long row we had ahead. Tightly around Green Dragon bridge, the half way line was in sight. We picked up the power and sailed along the straight “‘to the bridge NOW!” James demands, and the split drops. As we come onto the reach, the crew feels the end is near, another push takes us away from the bridge. We notice that Trinity Hall M1 was approaching from behind, and are only spurred on by the chase. A new challenge - hold them off. Around ditton corner they gain a few feet, but a perfectly timed ‘rhythm reset’ relaxes the crew and we regain our lead, long and strong. Once on first post reach, with Trinity Hall right on our tail, James takes some slick lines to keep them at bay.

We glide through the finish, at a time of 15:36, 1m25s behind the first place crew. Well under the average speed from the year before. Though more time may have allowed a better time, this was certainly a race we can all be proud of. Bring on Lent.