Bumped by Christs M2

For the final day of the campaign, M2 finally found themselves with somebody to chase. Starting second in division 3, we were ahead of Christs 2 and behind Clare 2 – who we’d already failed to catch twice. However with fresh legs we knew that today would be a different game altogether, not having rowed a race already. The plan was to secure a row over and take the opportunity to bump Clare if we had it. We started well at 42, settling into a rhythm passed the thunderous noise of the Pimm’s Tent. Christs were moving but not that quickly, and we thought that we’d be able to hold them off. However they kept moving at a steady rate, and a killer line from their cox gained them a quarter length around Grassy. We held them at a quarter length up Plough Reach, but around Ditton we were forced to go out wide to avoid the bump, and a clash of blades half way around the corner saw the end of our race. It was a disappointing way to end the week, but we were all very proud of what the crew had managed to achieve over the last two years and particularly of our row on Thursday ahead of Maggie M3. We celebrated with the traditional swim outside the boathouse, before heading off for bumps dinner!