Result: bumped by Hughes Hall M1 on First Post Corner

After a day of cancelled racing (where QM2 had had an outing instead) the crew were restless and eager to go. However, due to a combination of unmissable labs, classes, and illness, the crew had four subs!

Having pulled out a length clear of Sidney on day 1 (even though they eventually closed back and bumped us) we were confident that if we went hard off the start, then we could do the same again and go for the bump back.

In bitterly cold, windy conditions, the bursts and practice start were heavier than usual and rated slightly lower at 38. We knew we had to up our game, and that this was going to be a race down First Post Reach.

Off the start we indeed picked up, clocking 41 even in the tough weather conditions. As planned, we quickly closed on Sidney gaining to within a length, and then to within three quarters. However, Hughes Hall were simply too strong a crew to be reckoned with and ground us down, eventually bumping us just short of First Post Corner, with Sidney still about three quarters off our bow.

The crew are disappointed but not disheartened – tomorrow we will have to hold off Pembroke M2 and go for the row over. It will be tough, but we’re confident that we can do it (with the full crew back in the boat!).