M1 C: B. Jones S: P. Mildon 7: L. Bargery 6: M. Varley 5: G. Steele 4: H. Dietert 3: J. McMillan 2: J. Brubert B: L. Chapman

W1 Day 1 - bumped by Christs Some stunning pushes held of Christs till the reach and almost got away. An epic row from everyone and brilliant coxing.

M2 C: B. Srigengan S: J. Jaros 7: T. Watts 6: N. Bookbinder-Ryan 5: H. Houston 4: J. Amey 3: J. Robinson 2: T. Bury B: R. Siinmaa

Day 1 - rowed over We rowed over as part of a 3-boat sandwich, with Homerton M1 in front and Emma M2 behind us. At the finish, there were several lengths between each of the boats. More pressure is needed if we are to catch them!

M3 C: E. Baxter S: J. Edgley 7: P. Reiss 6: R. Emery 5: M. Edmondson-Jones 4: M. Hughes-Hallett 3: M. Chipping 2: A. Smith B: M. Hope