NM1 - 18th Fastest Men’s Novice Boat in 11:05.5

I thought for the first time in the term we might have a whole crew together for one of the races. Unfortunately Tom called me the night before to tell me that he was really sick so we had to draft in a last minute sub. It was incredibly windy so during the long and crazy marshalling process what I thought was pre-race nerves was actually just shivering because of the cold. We nearly crashed straight off the start because of the wind but luckily escaped the bank. As we moved through town it was starting to look nice but coming out of Chesterton bridge corner was when the crew really found their rhythm and got stuck in to the race.

A finishing place of 18th other mens novice crew is a decent result so well done NM1 for a great term and 40 seconds faster than any other Queens’ mens novice crew is a decent result so well done NM1 for a great term.

Jack Robinson (NM1 LBC) NW1 - 39th Fastest Women’s Novice Boat in 13:54.3

Between Emma sprints, and Fairbairns, we worked hard on our starts, and rowing for longer at high rate. To reduce the shock of Fairbairns, we also got the majority of the crew to try it on the ergs too. However, on the day, there were still 8 nervous rowers, and a jittery cox! We rowed to the start line, through one of the windiest days I have ever seen on the Cam, and attempted not to crash. Lining the boat up to reduce the risk of crashing, we prepared to go. Unfortunately, even with out bests efforts to avoid crashing off the start line, we still managed to get rather too close to a barge. On the other hand, the restart could not have looked better!

So now we were finally on our way past the boathouses. With a healthy sized bank party shouting lots of mostly useless things, the crew hit rate 30 and stayed there. The boat speed started to drop as we passed under the Millennium bridge, but with a short push, we got it back up again. With Kai finding perfect lines round every corner, we made it all the way down to the P and E with no more drama. Then, disaster struck. Just before the spinning zone, someone caught a crab and amid the confusion, the boat headed straight for the bank, and two more crabs were caught. With a mighty save from Michael on the bank we managed to keep the bow intact, and the rowers in their seats. The crew then managed a spectacular restart, setting off with more power, speed and determination for the last part of the race. With brilliant technique, and with an incredible resolve they headed for the railway bridge. Emptying the tank as they powered down the reach, they were still gaining on the crew in front. They crossed the line exhausted, but I hope very satisfied with their performance.

Rachel Salter (NW1 LBC) NM2 - 34th Fastest Men’s Novice Boat in 11:45.1 (10th Fastest 2nd Boat) NW2 - 37th Fastest Women’s Novice Boat in 13:40.2 (10th Fastest 2nd Boat)