On Saturday 25th January, 5 QCBC crews descended on the Cam for Winter Head to Head. A gruelling race of two back-to-back legs of 2km (only two weeks after the start of term), Queens’ put in an excellent performance. Read on below!

As the first race back after the Christmas break, W1 were excited to be getting out for their first race as a crew in a VIII. Setting off on the first leg at a strong rate 34 the girls settled into a strong rhythm, gaining on Emmanuel W1 ahead, and leaving the chasing crew behind! It was a gritty row from start to finish. The return leg, against the wind, was always going to be a challenge but the crew really banded together and powered through the corners and down the Reach - earning themselves a well-deserved second place behind Downing W1.

W2 also raced Winter Head to Head - the first senior race for 3 members of the boat. They set off at an impressive pace, completing their first overtake barely minutes into the first leg. Buoyed by this success they powered through the Gut, setting themselves up for a second overtake down First-Post Reach ! The way back was also a gutsy row, gaining on the crew ahead and showing real determination and commitment to rowing in some quite windy conditions. They were rewarded with becoming the fastest W2 of the day!

This term QCBC welcomed back Kevin to the men’s squad, as he had been trialing with CULRC during Michaelmas. Unfortunately in the week before Head to Head, Noah picked up an infected blister which prevented him from rowing for several days, including the race. Nevertheless the men put in a good race, coming a respectable 6th out of 11 M1 crews from the Lent 1st Division.

M2 were keen to start Lent with a bang after winning blades in Fairbairn’s at the end of Michaelmas. And start with a bang they did, winning their division (Lent’s 3rd Division) by a huge 49 seconds. They also beat 7 M2 crews ahead of them in the Lents 2nd Division to become the fastest M2 crew that day!

Queens’ M3 also put in an excellent performance at Winter Head to Head. As with W2, it was the first senior race for several of the crew. Here the theme of fastest 2nd/3rd crew of the day continues… M3 came 4th out of 12 boats racing that day from the Lent’s 3rd Division and were the fastest M3 crew of the day!