Crew: Jayna Patel (cox) Alex Bartram (sub) (stroke) Callum Chivers Ben Devoy Laurence Reeves

Coaches: Chris Clark Rob Jeffrey Saturday 15th October

With a limited number of outings and a stroke man taken ill on the day of the race it looked like it was going to be a difficult race for the second quad. However, the crew gelled together well and we were pleasantly surprised on the row up to the start with our technical rowing. The rate off the start was up to 32 which was particularly impressive considering the number of beginner scullers in the boat. Jayna steered an excellent line around grassy and called a big push after Ditton. This reasonably lightweight crew was able to make good use of the tailwind on the reach and keep the rate above 30. As we crossed the line we were happy with our performance and felt that we had rowed technically well, but could’ve been fitter. The boat was less than 30 seconds away from the first quad which was impressive considering the difference in weight and experience of the majority of the crew.

A Bartram