M1 - Beat Magdalene and Hughes Hall before losing to Caius in semi-finals Race 1 Vs Magdalene - Won

Queens’ M1 had our old rivals Magdalene in the first round. Confidence was high within the crew knowing Magdalene’s current results but were aware that they would love to get one over on us. Off the start Magdalene were quicker into their stride taking about a quarter of a length out of us. However as soon as Queens’ hit their rhythm and started to stride out it began a procession. By half way down the reach Queens’ were half a length up and by the railway it was all over as a contest as Queens’ could stretch out and row technically away and easily win. Race 2 Vs Hughes Hall, (Quarter Finals) - Won

In the second race of the day Queens’ had a quick starting Hughes boat to compete with. Hughes were being given a hugely motivational talk by their coach about how they were going to win and really destroy Queens’. In the early part of the race this appeared to be doing the right thing as Hughes rapidly moved out to a length lead. The crew however didn’t panic knowing that our base rhythm would take us through and 300m the call was made to make a change and finish the race. Within 30 strokes Queens’ went from a length down to a length up and had broken the Hughes Hall boat. From here the crew could sit up and watch Hughes push back into the distance as Queens’ could ensure they finished the race with plenty still in the tank in preparation for the next round. Race 3 Vs Caius, (Semi Finals) - Lost

In the semi-finals Queens’ would be racing the all conquering Caius crew. The crew was very aware that this would be a very tough race and we would have to put in a great row to beat them. Having been jumped off the start for the last two races the crew were very aware that a more aggressive start was necessary.

From the start Queens’ executed and turned up the wick on the start holding onto Queens’ over the initial start sequence. Caius then settled into their rhythm a little better and pulled away to about a length. Through the next 500 or so metres there was not a lot to show between the crews as the gap stayed even until the railway bridge. At the railway bridge Caius finally broke contact courtesy of the inside corner and then moved away to record a decent victory with about a length of clear water.

Caius went on to win the rest of the event and Queens’ were reasonably happy with the performance. It highlighted that the start was an area where large gains could be got before bumps in two weeks time. It also reinforced the belief that the crew has the talent to really compete at the top level and it was Caius greater experience at regatta racing that really counted.

W2: lost to Jesus W2 W3: beat Emma W3 by 1/4 length then lost to Clare Hall W1

The first race of the term for the newly formed W3. With a few last minute crew changes, including a swap from stroke side to bow side for the first time ever for one slightly apprehensive member, we were set to go. Our fast pace off the starting line was unfortunately short-lived, as an unlucky crab drove us into the bank, thus Emma W3 sped a considerable distance again. After negotiating ourselves out of the bank. we tried again: Take 2. This time there was no funny business. Despite Emma being seemingly miles ahead, we pushed on and gained back some ground. It was not until the railway bridge however, where screams and shouts from other boats made us realise that we still had a chance; Emma had crabbed too. We seized our opportunity, caught up with them to overtake just in the nick of time! Great first race by W3. In the next round, we faced ……..Clare Hall W1! We rowed well, but unfortunately weren’t quite fast enough this time.

M4: beat FAT M6 by 4 length then lost to Magdalene M3 by 1 length