Queens’ M1 Lost in Quarter Final of University 4’s Division 1 Round 1 Vs Churchill – Won by 73 Seconds

It being the first round of a new competition the crew had no idea what to expect. Churchill did not race in Autumn Head and so were an unknown quantity so were treated with absolute respect. Getting too marshalling far too early meant that we had an opportunity to practice our start on station and still be in position well ahead of schedule. After much waiting around and “staring the other crews out” as called by Bronwyn we were called forward to race.

From the first stroke the boat really shifted, potentially being a little excited hitting 39 in a strong headwind and calls from the bank suggested we were gaining. These calls rapidly changed to calls to wind it down as we came within bumping distance three quarters of the way down First Post Reach. At this point the race was over and we rated 18 - 20 around the corners sitting on their stern until we were allowed to overtake in the plough reach. The crew rowed over the rest of the course at a steady rate 26 to conserve energy for harder races later in the week.

The verdict was 73 seconds and is a nice confidence boost as we face off against Kings tomorrow who were the quickest four at Autumn Head that are also doing Uni 4’s. Quarter Final Vs Kings – Dead Heat then lost by 2 Seconds

The crew knew that this race against Kings was going to be a lot tougher than the first round. Kings showed early form winning Autumn Head by 30 seconds so were going to be tough. After getting the timings to row down much better we felt prepared and ready to give them the best race we could.

Once again the boat really moved off the start. As we settled into our rhythm the update from the bank was they had taken a couple of seats. Bronwyn’s fantastic steering managed to close up these advantages until coming onto the reach they were only half a length up. The crew gave everything in the last few hundred meters taking the rate to 38 and emptying the tank. Dead Heat was called between the two crews there was nothing to separate us!!!

This of course meant re-row so despite our 3 man throwing up and having nothing left to give we headed back to the start to re-row the race. The boat was exhausted but gave everything throughout the 2k course. Again it was nip and tuck between the two crews eventually Kings just took the win by only 2 seconds.

Although the crew was disappointed we knew we were beaten by a slightly better crew on the day. Kings then went on to win the whole competition beating Caius in the final by 3 seconds. It reaffirmed that we are in the mix with the best clubs on the river in Michaelmas and is exciting for the rest of term. Stroke – Mark Varley 3 – Tom Bury 2 – Peter Mildon Bow – Helge Dietert Cox – Bronwyn Jones Queens’ M2 Won University 4’s Division 2 Stroke - Matt Edmonson-Jones 3 - Jack Robinson 2 - Matt Chipping Bow - James Edgely Cox - Emily Baxter