Cox- Rachel Ibbott, S- Emma Campbell, 3 – Carly Gilson, 2 – Susie Tucker , B – Holly MacAskill

With a somewhat haphazard (to say the least) training schedule behind us, it's safe to say that there was a bit of apprehension within the boat when we met on Friday afternoon. We took this in our stride, looking forward to a fun bit of racing if nothing else. We got off to a speedy start, quickly settling into a good rhythm thanks to our cox, Rachel's, excellent calls. Soon she told us that we were gaining on Magdalene W2 - was this a trick to spur us on? to evoke the thrill of the chase of bumps? Indeed not - just after the Green Dragon bridge they caught a crab and we sped past, becoming the fastest second women's IV+. The sight of a boat behind us drove us to push harder as we approached the Reach. The rate crept up as Rachel told us we were gaining on the boat ahead, and we steamed around Ditton Corner to finish right on their tail. Special recognition goes to our three seat, Carly, for last minute agreeing to race despite racing in the VIII+ as well!