Race 1 - Rowed Over

After a tough day yesterday, QM2 was ready to do it all again. This time being chased by Maggie M3, we were all a bit concerned after watching them very quickly catch Catz yesterday. However we’d built a bit of confidence after day 1, and our row up was improved. Into strong winds we decided to fit clams, and off the start we hit rate 42. Quickly we settled into a rhythm, but Maggie closed and closed fast. Around First Post Corner, they were within a length and closing. A disastrous line around Grassy (with blades inches from clipping the outside bank) allowed them within a third, and at this point something clicked. Our pre-planned walk away call came out of the bag, and boy did we walk away. By the time we reached Ditton, we were back on station, and as we came onto the Reach we were all very happy that we’d fitted the clams! We opened up more and more space, until eventually Maggie were overbumped by Emma, about three and a half lengths off our stern. We took it down to 28, then 24, then 20, and crossed the line comfortably – celebrating as though we’d just bumped!

Race 2 - Rowed Over

Unfortunately Clare had failed to catch Darwin yesterday, meaning we were chasing the same crew, and so we knew the job at hand was a very tough one. We decided to race to First Post, and take stock there. A very strong start meant that we stayed on station in the early phases of the race, and indeed the first minute or so felt fresh and strong. However the fatigue of three row overs started to set in, and we dropped back. Around First Post we were still in contact, and so kept going. However by the time we were around Grassy we’d dropped back significantly, and decided to wind down and paddle home at rate 18 – for row over number 12 in a row.