The QCBC women’s crew arrived in plenty of time to unload the trailer and grab some last minute hot drinks before racing. The day was very cold and it was quickly pointed out that we would be racing in a head wind. A plan was formulated and we were soon rowing up to the start with purpose (see picture below).

We started off speedily and used the many bridges over the course to push off. There were some rough patches but by the finish we were going strong and with 500m to go performed a miraculous jumps re start to up the rate and send the boat flying over the finish line. Finishing off as the 3rd women’s 8s college boat, just 1s behind Downing W1, everyone was pleased with the outcome. Finishing off the day, we watching the Queens’ men’s 1st boat finish as we munched on our captain’s (Georgie) homemade brownies.