NM1, Beat Darwin, Lost Trinity Hall

This was the first taste for racing NM1 had and it was certainly eventful. We arrived on the start line clad in reindeer onesies with Emily leading the sleigh as Santa, up against Girton who we had no idea about- they could have been incredible. Luckily, they were not. So despite Mal falling off his seat and coming out of his shoes for most of the race as well as a couple of spectacular crabs we still beat Darwin by an absolute mile. Worst race I have ever seen but a win’s a win. Next we had Tit Hall who unfortunately for us were a little better. We were tied for half the race but despite some aggressive steering from Emily they pulled away from us and as Rob caught a huge crab right near the end we drifted over the line. NW1 (Squirrel Monkeys), Lost to Clare, Lost to Darwin

Having turned up at the boathouse early enough to perfect some spectacular Crayola costumes, the crew headed down the river for marshalling. While rowing, they received many a compliment for their outfits, and especially their hats! Our first race was against Clare, who were looking rather good on the row down. Unfortunately, even after a valiant fight down the reach, we were unable to keep up, and they pulled a few lengths ahead. The technique looked brilliant from the bank, but, regretfully, we had not had time to polish up our start. We then raced Selwyn, and kept the competition much closer, not allowing them to pull more than a length away. However, they also bested us. But this did not dent the crew’s spirit as we rowed home, with heads, and hats, held high.