Small boats

QCBC own 9 eights, 2 coxed fours, a double scull (that occasionally has an identity crisis and turns into a pair) and 4 single sculls.

Current seniors are welcome to use the small boats (that’s everything except the eights) to train outside of the usual organised sessions. Please speak to a captain before you take a boat out for the first time.

There will be a small boats booking system available on this page, when it’s finished.

QCC014 is a very nice lightweight racing scull, worth quite a lot of money and is only to be used by persons who weigh less than 75kgs and have significant experience and competence in a single.

For those of you who regularly train in the sculls, please bare in mind that Michaelmas mornings get extremely busy and the ability of the other crews to steer can be very limited.

For the rules on bank parties for small boats, please see this page, section 14. Even if you are within the rules at that time to go out alone, please think carefully about whether you are safe to do so. Waterproof mobile phone covers are found in the cox box cupboard.