W1 – Women’s Head of the River Race 2017

W1 by the Tideway

Michael Hope (cox)
Becky Hartwell (stroke)
Charlotte Harrop
Marilou Boddé
Anna Te Water Naudé
Geertje van Rees
Ulrika Andersson
Billie Meadowcroft
Vivi Russell

11 March 2017

This weekend saw Queens’ W1 taking to the tideway for the 6.8 km of WEHoRR. Despite only having a week of training in a new lineup, they hit a solid rhythm straight off the start and left Caius, starting behind them, in the dust. They then held that rhythm for the whole 20 minutes keeping it tidy and efficient. They pushed through two gritty overtakes, the last in the final 1 km to finish 109th of over 300 crews, 6th of Cambridge colleges beating Catz, Christ’s and Newnham. They finished only 5.6s behind Lady Margaret as the 2nd Cambridge college. It was a fantastic experience for the crew, for most of whom it was their first experience of the tideway, and a result to be proud of. Looking strong for Mays!
Another notable result from the day saw Queens’ alumna Georgia Vann (2011) win the provincial pennant with Cantabrigian RC, finishing 14th.

M. Hope

W1 – 1st place! Newnham Short Course 2017

Shiny medals well deserved

Newnham Short Course was the first race of term for W1 to see how they compared with the other colleges. Despite having done little rate work yet this term, we wound up to 34 off the start and held a solid rate 31 for the whole race. The girls gave excellent commitment to the race, and whatever the result we were proud of our row. When the results were first published, we were placed 4th behind Jesus W2, followed by Christ’s (with their coach rowing in the crew) and Caius. These are three good colleges and we were very pleased with the result – but wait, there had been some mistake and the results were taken down. We waited on tenterhooks (or actually didn’t notice in the most part), and when the results were republished we had won! Fastest W1 crew on the river, in 7:57 for 2km. Somewhat taken by surprise by the new results, and very happy, we can look back at a good day of rowing.

M. Hope

M2 Autumn Head 2016 – 4+

Jayna Patel (cox)
David Knott (stroke)
Manu Signer
Bálint Szépfalvi
Paul Cimetiere

Rob Jeffrey
Saturday 15th October

This was a scratch crew and they were pleased to be off the start at rate 30. They made some movement on the college eight they were chasing, after calling the rate up to 33 for a push at the top of the reach. The crew felt that the boat was generally well sat, but struggled to maintain balance during the corners and towards the finish. The crew was pleased with the end result as they only finished 7 seconds behind the first quad.

A Bartram

M1b Autumn Head 2016 – 4x+

Jayna Patel (cox)
Alex Bartram (sub) (stroke)
Callum Chivers
Ben Devoy
Laurence Reeves

Chris Clark
Rob Jeffrey
Saturday 15th October

With a limited number of outings and a stroke man taken ill on the day of the race it looked like it was going to be a difficult race for the second quad. However, the crew gelled together well and we were pleasantly surprised on the row up to the start with our technical rowing. The rate off the start was up to 32 which was particularly impressive considering the number of beginner scullers in the boat. Jayna steered an excellent line around grassy and called a big push after Ditton. This reasonably lightweight crew was able to make good use of the tailwind on the reach and keep the rate above 30. As we crossed the line we were happy with our performance and felt that we had rowed technically well, but could’ve been fitter. The boat was less than 30 seconds away from the first quad which was impressive considering the difference in weight and experience of the majority of the crew.

A Bartram

M1a Autumn Head 2016 – 4x+

Abi Wells (cox)
Alistair Pryke (stroke)
Peter Stevens
George Moore
Alex Bartram

Chris Clark
Rob Jeffrey
Saturday 15th October

After a number of good training sessions, we were optimistic that we would be able to put in a good time at the first event of the season. The race started well with a strong pushes down the gut and plough reach we soon caught the four we were chasing. After fading slightly at the top of the reach we built the rate back up to a strong 30 which we were happy with for the beginning of the season. We were pleased with the end result of 10:52 being only 15-20 seconds away from some college M1 8s. With Peter and George only having learnt to scull recently, this was a good performance but we felt there was more to come as fitness increases throughout the term.

A Bartram

M1 Winter Head 2015

M1 holding their prize

Tom Hiom
George Cameron (s) (c)
Alex Duncomb
Peter Stevens
George Daubney
Helge Dietert
Alistair Pryke
Manu Signer
Ben Catterall

Saturday 14th November

This crew benefited from the experience in two fours from the start of term, and a new coach from Robs, Toby Rudkin. Helge was very fit, having raced in both Fours head and Vets Fours head the previous weekend, and Alistair, a fresher, brought solid school-boy technique and cool head to the boat. I had made the mistake of entering the earliest division, thinking everyone would be to bed early with Bops cancelled for the foreseeable future – unfortunately the date clashed with a big MCR night, so our 2 man had a very sore head.

This did not stop us from winning the 8+ division (with 8.43), with only a faster time on the day from the quad Toby was racing in. Downing, Clare, Fitz, FaT and UCL all had eights out. We wound up a little early before the motorway bridge but settled into a nice chunky rhythm along first post reach. There was a bit of a wobble out of grassy corner, but we started to close on a big crew from Essex R.C. ahead. A highlight was our wind up from the railway bridge to the finish, which felt very very chunky but relaxed. There was a mutual agreement at the end that we had plenty more speed to come – bring on Fairbairns.

Stern pair also enjoyed a blast from the past with Boars Head later on in the day, kindly organised by James McMillan.


M1 University IVs 2015


Tom Hiom

Alex Duncomb (s)

Peter Stevens

George Daubney

George Cameron (c)

Tuesday 27th October

This crew bonded well in the limited number of outings we had been together. We faced Homerton I in the opening round. We started off very well, taking at least 2 lengths off the four ahead before the start of first post corner. Our rhythm faded in the dirty water in the Gut and we took grassy corner particularly slowly so did not gain anymore water by the start of plough reach. Here the lack of fitness / extended pieces showed, as Homerton ground some space back. This theme continued down the reach and we were gutted to be knocked out by a margin of 20 seconds.


May Bumps 2013 Summary

9 boats on the river, including a W4, in what we think is a first for Queens’.

It was an astonishing first day with 7 out of 9 crews bumping up and only one crew being bumped. The men’s lower boats kept the bumping theme up throughout the week with both M2 and M4 flying the Boar on Saturday as they won their blades. Unlike their Lent’s campaign, M2 had some longer races and rowed very well to win their 4th set of blades of the year. Having had a crash on First Post cost them a Lent’s race, M4 were taking no chances and dispatched all 4 crews with a blistering start sequence, avoiding the corners entirely.

M3 and M5 both had a single row over. M3 on Saturday, having been on for blades, and were understandably disappointed. M5 on Thursday were as delighted as a crew escaping their spoons on Saturday, which was a real concern for a very inexperienced crew.

As is becoming traditional for Queens’ in the Mays, M1 held level. Just for variety, they go caught up with the magically accelerating Pembroke crew and were up one and down one.

The women squad had a very good week. W1 couldn’t hold off a fast LMBC crew but otherwise rowed over strongly at 11th on the river. The Lent’s fury bubbled gently when they found themselves in front of Catz again but the progress they had made in the term was plain to see, as they rowed over a long way ahead. With only one person in the crew having raced bumps before, W4 decided to sample bumps fully – bumped up, rowed over, got bumped, overbumped up. W3 fought hard in some long races to finish down 1. W2 capped off a good terms training with a well deserved up 2 to leave them placed to push for a spot in the 2nd division next Mays.

Thank you to everyone who coached, coxed or umpired for QCBC.

Lent 2013 Summary

Well done to all the crews racing for QCBC this term and thank you to the coaches, coxes and bank parties who make it possible.

Race results so far this term:

Winter Head to Head
M1 – 3rd in M1 division in a total time of 13:25
W1 – 10th in W1 disivion in a total time of 17:18

Newnham Short Course
M2 – 4th in M2 division in a time of 7:33
W2 – 7th in W2 division in 9:25
M3/4 composite – 7th in M3 division in 8:37

Robinson Head
W2 – 3rd in W2 division in 6:26
M3-6 composite – 2nd in M3 division in 5:46

Bedford 4s and 8s Head
M1 – 4th in IM2 in 6:30, 3rd in IM3 in 6:22
W1 – 12th in IM3 in 7:57, 1st in Novice in 7:44
M2 – 9th in IM3 in 6:55, 4th in Novice in 6:48

Pembroke regatta
M1: beat Magdalene M1 by 1 1/2 lengths and Hughes Hall M1 by 2 lengths, then lost the semi-final to Caius, who won overall, by 1 length
W2: lost to Jesus W2
W3: beat Emma W3 by 1/4 length then lost to Clare Hall W1
M4: beat FAT M6 by 4 length then lost to Magdalene M3 by 1 length

Well done everyone who raced and thank you to subs, bank parties and coaches.

Some (hopefully eventually all) the crews have written about their races on this page.

Bring on the bumps!