W4 May Bumps Day 4

Bumped Homerton W3

W4 were ready to bump and the crab gods will not get us today! Sadly Homerton were a no-show so although w3 knew we could get them we had to accept a technical bump. We were however given the chance to try and bump Wolfson 2 so we took it! We got them down to two whistles fairly fast but sadly they pulled aware along the straight and we didn’t bump but we made them work for their row over!
And hey we still Bumped!!

M1 May Bumps Day 4

Rowed Over

Saturday saw the conditions make a turn for the worse with a strong headwind for most of the course. Jesus ahead of us quickly caught a spooning Peterhouse leaving clear water in front of us. Robinson closed in on us by first post corner but were struggling to cope with the wind. As they closed, we knew from the previous days races that we could confidently hold them off and the further down the course we got, the more Robinson appeared to lose heart. King’s closed in on Robinson around grassy and they clearly couldn’t handle having a crew that close so they soon crumbled, being bumped around Ditton. We then rowed over with both crews either side again bumping out. Overall we moved up one position which is the joint best position for Queens’ M1 since 2008!

M2 May Bumps Day 4

Bumped by Christs M2

For the final day of the campaign, M2 finally found themselves with somebody to chase. Starting second in division 3, we were ahead of Christs 2 and behind Clare 2 – who we’d already failed to catch twice. However with fresh legs we knew that today would be a different game altogether, not having rowed a race already.
The plan was to secure a row over and take the opportunity to bump Clare if we had it.
We started well at 42, settling into a rhythm passed the thunderous noise of the Pimm’s Tent. Christs were moving but not that quickly, and we thought that we’d be able to hold them off. However they kept moving at a steady rate, and a killer line from their cox gained them a quarter length around Grassy. We held them at a quarter length up Plough Reach, but around Ditton we were forced to go out wide to avoid the bump, and a clash of blades half way around the corner saw the end of our race.
It was a disappointing way to end the week, but we were all very proud of what the crew had managed to achieve over the last two years and particularly of our row on Thursday ahead of Maggie M3. We celebrated with the traditional swim outside the boathouse, before heading off for bumps dinner!

W3 May Bumps Day 3

Bumped by Lucy Cavendish W2

Very tired from the previous days but with lots of determination, we had a good start as head of the division. Lucy Cavendish started to slowly gain on us but we kept pushing hard. Even though our technique was clean, in the end Lucy Cav were stronger, and they bumped us just at the beginning of the reach. Although disappointing, we are still in a good position push back to top of the division tomorrow.

W4 May Bumps Day 3

Bumped by Homerton W3

W4 were ready for a long tough row as Homerton hadn’t turned up the day before so we were ready for a fast start to try and catch catz but Homerton W3 had returned!
We had a solid start but as always catz ahead bumped very quickly so we were looking for an over-bump but the crab gods had other ideas 1 giant 20 stroke crab pulled us in to overlap with Homerton but we pulled away with only 6 rowers showing everyone the true strength of w4. Sadly the crab was back with vengeance and this time Homerton W3 sadly caught us but we can’t wait to bump them back tomorrow!

W2 May Bumps Day 3

Rowed Over

Having rowed over for the first 2 days of Bumps, W2 were hungry for some bumping action on Corpus on day 3. After a good warm up row to the lock with our bows on Maggie W2’s stern (the sandwich boat who would be chasing us) the whole way, we felt hopeful that we could catch Corpus W1 ahead.

Our start was the strongest and neatest yet, winding to around rate 43 then striding out gradually to rate 38 before eventually settling to around rate 36. Our rhythm was good but Corpus’ must have been too since we never managed to gain on them. We ended the race with a row over around 2 lengths behind Corpus, and Maggie far far behind us.

It was great to have so much support on the banks so W2 are very excited for the final day of Bumps. A change of tactics is planned in our last attempt to get some well-earned greenery!

M2 May Bumps Day 3

Bumped by Emma M2

Once again M2 were starting at top station in division three, hoping to row over. However this time we were being chased by a very fast Emma crew, already up 4 and looking like a strong contender for blades.
Having pushed off Maggie M3 from a third of a length yesterday, we knew that today’s race would be similarly tough and were ready to do the same again. We started well, but unfortunately it quickly became clear the Emma were simply too strong for us. They rapidly closed and completed the bump after just over a minute, coming around Grassy corner, making it unlucky number 13 for M2 row overs as sandwich boat.

M1 May Bumps Day 3

Rowed over

Robinson were feeling robbed of a bump from Wednesday and so were keen to set the records straight. However we weren’t going to go down easily. They gained on us at the start and closed to half a length by grassy corner. The crew stayed perfectly relaxed as we knew from the day before that we could hold a position like this. The gap closed even further through Ditton and they had overlap on the reach. We still stayed in our rhythm and were confident that we had the speed. Eventually we pulled out to half a length and they soon fell away to a length for us to row over. I’m sure those on the bank were quite tense at points!

M3 May Bumps Day 2

Bumped by Churchill M2

A faulty coxbox (bad workers blame their tools, we know) and a shaky start gave Churchill an early whistle. Despite having entirely failed to park on the first day, to the point where they simply decided not to and sat on the wrong side while the W3 division took place, it turns out that Churchill M2 have some legs on ’em, and despite our gaining a whistle on Trinity Hall M2 in front of us (rather depressingly for most of us our first whistle in bumps), a minor crab and general sloppiness in the face of an advancing foe led to a fairly conclusive bump.

W3 May Bumps Day 2

Rowed Over Twice

We started at the head of the division, and after a good start, Fitz (behind us) were bumped out just after grassy. Catz were very close on their tails, and were slowly catching up with us. It was a fight right until the end, but we just managed to hold them off before we reached the green dragon bridge to end the race in a row over, and avoided the over bump.

It was then back to the p&e for the next division. After another collision and re-row, Homerton (just ahead of us) very quickly bumped out Clare. We then pushed hard, aiming for the overbump, but whilst we did make up some distance, it wasn’t enough, and we ended on a row over.